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Engineering Consultant | Piping Engineering Consultant | Structural Engineering Consultant
  • Structural and Failure Analysis:
    Linear and nonlinear statics, dynamics and thermal analysis, fatigue, fracture mechanics, limit load, ratcheting, shake down and creep analysis based on ASME Section III and Section VIII.
  • Seismic Design and Engineering:
    Seismic analysis for non-structural components such as storage tanks, boilers, cooling towers, piping systems based on ASCE, CBC and ASME codes, using Finite Element Analysis.
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design Peer Reviews:
    Machinery and part design, stress analysis, test design and simulations, 3D modelling, CAD drafting for power and process plants and other Industrial and Commercial Facilities.

Are you looking for the reliable partner for the stress analysis of the piping system at your Client’s plant or refinery ? We are here to help.